How to Have BMW Original Menu Display on Xtrons Screen

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How to Have BMW Original Menu Display on Xtrons Screen

Postby xtrons » Mon Aug 30, 2021 1:23 pm

Step 1: Check connections

XTRONS screen needs to connect to the BMW factory head unit via the LVDS connector(4/6/10 PIN connector), so it has the ability to show the BMW original functions.
Please further check if Xtrons LVDS cable was connected properly or loose and replug it to try again.
LVDS connection.png
LVDS connection.png (80.36 KiB) Viewed 14735 times

Step 2: Change resolution

You can change the resolution through this setting path on Xtrons unit: Settings -- Factory(pass word:1314) -- Car Display (select suitable resolutions to fit your original screen). Note: The setting path may vary from different Xtrons units. it is subject to the setting menu on the unit.

Step 3: Switch on the original head unit

The XTRONS Android screen and the factory head unit work together.
Please turn on the factory head unit and make sure it is in working status. Test the CD or radio, if the sound comes out without problems, it means the factory head unit is fine.

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