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Welcome to XTRONS Driving Entertainment Forum

Postby xtrons » Fri Dec 16, 2016 9:09 am

Finding or making the right post.

The XTRONS forum has recently undergone some big changes in an effort to make it easier to use and help you find the right answer, apart from changes to the current sections there has also been the addition of some new sections. We hope this will allow points to be addressed in a more personal less general way, just take the product you need help with and head for that section.

Here are a few tips to help you decide which section you need or where your post should be situated, in general this should be pretty straight forward for example:

If the question is about the fitting of the stereo then we would advise looking in the INSTALLATION VIDEOS & PICTURES for assistance if you cannot find your answer then the correct posting section for your question would be GENERAL DISCUSSION.

If you have an issue with a Single / Double Din stereo or need help with how it works then this can usually be found under Head Units, CUSTOM FIT for custom fit stereos and so forth.

However if the Question is pertaining to the GPS or Android on this stereo then the correct section would be Head Units.

Having trouble with your accessories? REVERSE CAMERA, DVR, or DVB-T Freeview box or others, we have a section Accessories for that too.

If you have any questions about the headrest or car roof DVD players, we have the Multimedia Devices section for you.

Section NEWS & INFO and TECHNICAL SUPPORT are made to provide you with some useful technical advises, new models, user manual and guidance.

We hope that this lay out will make it easier for users to find the correct answer.

Sticky Topics such as installation guides, GPS set up, and walkthroughs are locked. This is to prevent the wealth of their knowledge being hidden under comments and questions, however we realise that we are far from perfect so if you do require any help or believe that any improvements can be made please raise this in the relevant section.

As ever if in any doubt please ask a member of our Admin Team or contact myself directly, as always we are here to help you.

Thanks for reading

Below is a Brief Layout of the new bbs.xtrons.com

The Serious Section
- Policy and Rules

News & Info
- About XTRONS
- News & New Models
- User Manual Download
- New Functions

Technical Support
- File Download
- System Configuration
- Technical Advices

Installation Videos & Pictures
- Installation Guides
- Pictures & Videos on XTRONS Head Units

General Discussion
- Head Units
- Custom Fit
- Multimedia Devices
- Accessories

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