Replacing Amundsen RNS315 with IA92MTLVS - questions

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Replacing Amundsen RNS315 with IA92MTLVS - questions

Postby skodayeti » Sat Jun 15, 2024 12:36 pm

I bought the above xtrons unit to replace Skoda Yeti Amundsen RNS315 unit.
I also bought the USB004 DAB+.


Which cables from RNS315 connection can I re-use for the new unit? I think the radio one can be re-used to get FM/AM radio.

Do I need to connect the blue antenna power cable from xtrons unit to somewhere? If so, where does it go?

Do you know which of the other two cables are which? DAB, GPS? Is the blue one DAB, and remaining white one GPS?

Do I need additional FAKRA converting cables to plug them into the xtrons unit?

Do I need to do something with the ACC and BRAKE cables on the harness?

I am an amateur user, not a professional fitter, but enough sense to manage stereo install :-) I hope :-P

Photo of cables in the car attached.

Thank you!

20240614_184217.jpg (2.77 MiB) Viewed 1220 times

20240614_184103.jpg (2.91 MiB) Viewed 1220 times

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