QXA22UHP Flickering Screen (FIX)

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QXA22UHP Flickering Screen (FIX)

Postby xtrons » Mon Jan 29, 2024 1:51 pm

You may have encountered an issue with QXA22UHP when you change the heater settings the unit switches to MMI mode, but flickers to black screen intermittently.

Below you can find a fix.

Follow the steps:
1. Download the file --> DOWNLOAD
2. Format usb stick to FAT32 --> How To Format USB Stick
3. Upload the file onto the root of usb stick
4. Plug the usb stick to the usb of the xtrons screen
5. go to settings - system info and press MCU upgrade. The mcu will update and unit will restart.
6. Reset the unit to factory settings.

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