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Car Audio Noise Solutions

Postby xtrons » Thu Apr 27, 2017 4:01 am

Due to the complex structure of car wiring, many reasons can cause sound noise problems and it can prove tricky to resolve these. Here we will list out two ways to find the problems and the corresponding methods to resolve them.

Method 1:
Please use the aftermarket car stereo to listen to the radio / DVD / USB / SD and see whether there is noise from the car’s speakers.
Solution: Check whether you have placed the power wires, GND, signal wires in good order. Then check whether the power wires and signal wires are loose and/or have been connected with ground (you should NOT ground them).

Method 2:
If your car has an amplified speaker system (such as Bose, Harmann Kardon, etc), different output frequency of the aftermarket car stereo with your car’s original amplifier can also cause interference in the sound. After starting the car, it will send or radiate some electromagnetic pulse interference with the working of the ignition plug. If there are any problems with the sound system’s shield or filter performance, the audio amplification circuit will receive or even enlarge the electromagnetic pulse interference. At this time, your car will have sound noise problem.
Solution: Add an audio filter to the RCA output cables, to try and rectify the problem.

The following diagram will show you how to add the audio filter.
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