How to Improve Your Car Radio Reception?

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How to Improve Your Car Radio Reception?

Postby xtrons » Thu Dec 29, 2016 3:11 am

Factors that may affect your radio reception:
1. Reception can vary within a localized area, and some remote areas are without usable FM signals.
2. Under certain weather conditions, interference can occur between transmitters using the same frequencies. This is more likely in warmer weather, and is most prevalent along the coast.
3. Trees, hills and buildings can block the incoming radio signal to the car aerial, causing small areas of poor reception.

The most important part of the tuner is definitely the antenna. If you have a bad or broken antenna, your tuner will not pick up the stations as it should.

What to do:
1. Retuning your FM/AM radio to a stronger frequency as you move reception area. Many car radios have RDS (Radio Data System), which automatically tunes to the strongest FM signal.
2. The higher your aerial the better and make sure it is fully extended. Check your aerial for damage. Most FM aerials work well with DAB radio but not all. Check with your local dealer.
3. Check the radio and aerial have good earth connections, free from corrosion. You may need to change the HT leads and / or spark plugs. A competent automotive electrician can usually deal with most problems.
4. Try a couple of FM stations and a couple of AM stations. If you have no AM at all, but you get FM, then the problem is most likely the antenna. If your radio can't get neither, then the problem is either a broken or disconnected cable or a bad tuner. Plug a test antenna to the radio to make sure the problem is not the radio itself.
5. If the radio tuner is defective. Contact customer service to return the unit.

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