(FIX) How to improve DAB Signal

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(FIX) How to improve DAB Signal

Postby xtrons » Fri Sep 24, 2021 9:38 am

DAB signal will depend on the place you live. Sometimes, especially in rural areas the DAB signal is too weak to give proper sound. To help it, you can amplify the DAB signal of your aerial.

To do so, you will need few things:
Fakra Z Male to Din Adaptor
Fakra Z Female to Din Adaptor
RAMP03 - This is the amplifier box
FC-SMAM - This is adapter cable that goes from amplifier to USBDAB
FAKRACF - SMAM - This is adaptor that goes from amplifier to DAB Antenna (DABA01)

For USBDAB03 you will also need:
Female Joint SMA Adapter
SMB to SMA DAB Adapter

Schematic of connection:

dab3amp.jpg (2.96 MiB) Viewed 2900 times

For USBDAB01 and USBDAB02, you simply connect the dongle to FC-SMAM as it has standard connector.
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