Instructions to fix 4G problems on XTRONS Android units

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Instructions to fix 4G problems on XTRONS Android units

Postby xtrons » Thu Aug 26, 2021 1:03 pm

Step 1: Check SIM card status

Please check if the sim card is detected by XTRONS units through this setting path on the unit: Setting – System -- About phone. Please kindly follow these simple steps shown below:
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Step 2: Check the signal status

When your unit is connected to internet, you will see a 4G or 3G indicator next to the signal bar at the top of your screen.
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Step 3: Enable the Mobile data

If you can't connect to internet, please check the Mobile Data is on and the Airplane Mode is off.

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Step 4: Check APN settings

Go to the settings menu and find your APN menu for the mobile network settings section as follows:

Setting path: Setting -- Network & Internet -- Mobile network -- Access Point Names

You should see the APN setting option for your sim card carrier. Then click the APN option, it will show you a configuration profile with the correct setting. You won’t get any data connection without the APN settings.

NOTE: Before configuring APN, we suggest you further check the latest APN setting of your sim card on the carrier website. If there is something updated, then you will need to add new APN setting on Xtrons units manually to have 4G network worked.
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