How to Get Sound for XTRONS Retrofit iDrive Screen

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How to Get Sound for XTRONS Retrofit iDrive Screen

Postby xtrons » Tue Aug 24, 2021 4:24 pm

XTRONS Android screen doesn't have a built-in amplifier, the AUX is needed to switch the audio from the XTRONS Android screen to car speakers
Method 1:
If there is AUX IN port from the car
AUX IN ( Auxiliary) is the 3.5mm port for the audio input, it is usually located in the armrest box in BMW.
Check if this green fiber optic cable was unplugged from the ISO cable from original CD and replug back to Xtrons ISO properly, see attached:
connection -Q.png
connection -Q.png (362.74 KiB) Viewed 4855 times

How to get the sound through AUX:
Step 1: AUX mode setting: (this setting may vary, some of the XTRONS BMW screens don't have this setting. please refer to the actual settings in your unit or confirm with XTRONS customer service)
Set AUX mode in settings: Settings -- Factory(password:1314) -- Vehicle -- AUX switching scheme -- manually switch/automatically switch

BMW CIC/NBT/EVO iDrive: automatically switch
BMW CCC iDrive: manually switch

Step 2: AUX cable wiring:
One end of the AUX cable connects to the AUX port (Audio out) of the XTRONS harness, the other end connects to the AUX IN port in the car.
Basic connection:
aux--Q.png (103.44 KiB) Viewed 4887 times

If the sound still doesn’t work after you have tried the 3 steps above, please check and test if the AUX(cable labeled as AUDIO OUT) on XTRONS screen is working:
AUX TEST 1.png
AUX TEST 1.png (46.42 KiB) Viewed 4887 times

A simple reference would be connecting one pair of wired headphones with 3.5mm jack and determine if there is any sound coming from them. If you hear the sound from your headphones, then the XTRONS screen is not the source of any problems you have, it is advised to change the aux cable or use FM02 instead for AUX in purpose. If the sound is not clear, or you hear nothing, please contact XTRONS customer service for a replacement unit.

Method 2: NO AUX IN
If your car has no AUX in, you can use the FM Transmitter with a 3.5mm port instead. XTRONNS FM02 is recommended. Please refer to XTRONS website: ... apter-fm02
How to use:
Connect AUX of FM02 to the AUX port of the XTRONS wiring harness.
Connect the USB charging cable of FM02 to USB port of the XTRONS screen.
Tune the frequency of FM02 to the same frequency on your factory radio.

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