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Headrest Installation and Connection

Postby xtrons » Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:50 am

XTRONS headrests are designed to fit most vehicles (MAY NOT BE COMPATIBLE IN VEHICLES WITH ACTIVE HEADREST). Available in Black, Grey or Beige Faux Leather , 7" or 9", Adjustable and versatile they can be fitted to any vehicle as long as the distance between the current headrest poles is within the range of 90mm to 190mm. Please check the diameter of the poles each headrest is fitted with 10mm we can supply adapters for 12mm, 14mm, or 16mm.

Basic Fitting
We do not provide a comprehensive fitting guide as what is required will vary from vehicle to vehicle, as these units are designed to be a discreet upgrade all connections run through the headrest poles ,fed through the seatback, and under the centre console for connection.

Here are the 3 most common methods for fitting the headrests to the seats
- Some seats have a hard plastic backing which can be unclipped allowing easy access to the inside of the seat for running the cables and connections.
- Seats with cloth backs generally have a plastic connection at the base of the seatback where the fabric can be separated allowing it to be worked up the seat for access to the cables.
- Finally the cables can be threaded through the seat using electricians feeding rods once connected to the headrest they can be carefully pulled down as the headrest is inserted.

Power Connection
The cables provided allow the headrests to be hardwired to a 12V connection within the vehicle,
- using a multimeter find a 12V switched(ACC) source (live with the ignition on) connect this to the RED wires
- Locate a good earth and connect the BLACK wires
- Alternatively by purchasing CL004 (2 required) they can be connected using a cigarette adaptor

Each Headrest has its own DVD drive allowing them to be used independently from the other headrest, and an AV in/out function allowing them to be connected together(all cables provided), by setting one to DVD and one to AV you can play the same film on both headrests.

Connection For AV mode
-Locate the AV input and AV output RCA connections on each headrest
- Connect the Correct colour AV in of one headrest to the AV out of the other
Yellow - Video
Red - Right Audio
White - Left Audio
Each connection is labelled and one side male the other female so can only be connected one way.
- Once connected place a DVD into one headrest then using the remote select AV on the second, both screens should now play the same disc.

Each head rest has an Integrated FM and IR transmitter allowing you to playback audio through your car stereo or IR headphones

For FM locate the FMTX button on your remote or in the headrest settings and select a frequency then tune your vehicle stereo into the same channel (only use 1 headrest if both are set to the same frequency this will cause interference)

For IR locate the IRTX button on your remote or in your headrest settings and select channel A or B, select the same channel on your head phones (only use 1 channel per headrest if both headrests are set to the same channel this will cause interference)

Available Accessories
IR Headphones DWH002
Plastic Pole Adapter Kit PL-KIT
14mm Metal Adapters (12mm available please ask your reseller) PL14MM

Any inquires, please leave a message on XTRONS Forum or contact techsupport@xtrons.com for further advice, thanks.

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