FV006 Connection and Set Up

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FV006 Connection and Set Up

Postby xtrons » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:57 am

The FV006 is a Dual Tuner Diversity DVB-T receiver which easily adds digital TV to your existing Stereo, Headrest or Roof monitor it can even be used to upgrade you OEM analogue Tuner to DVB-T (AV interface may be required). The Diversity Tuners allow the unit to constantly select the tuner with the strongest signal allowing for TV reception on the go.

Easy to install the FV006 requires a twin live power connection.

Power Connection
- Using a multimeter find a 12V Permanent and 12Vswitched(ACC) source (live with the ignition on)
- Connect 12V permanent to the Yellow Wire
- 12V Switched to the Red wire
- Select a suitable earth point for the Black Ground
FV006 also has additional power cables for connecting accessories Blue 12V+, Brown wire Ground. The Green Parking wire can be connected to the Earth point allowing for TV in motion (please be advised it is against the law to watch TV whilst driving).

AV Connection
FV006 benefits from 3 Video outputs as well as AV input.
- Connect the Correct colour AV outputs to the AV input of your device
Yellow - Video
Red - Right Audio
White - Left Audio
Initial Set Up

Switch on the FV006 DVB-T tuner please be advised the RED LED is a standby light by using the remote turn On the DVB-T tuner and the LED should turn Green.
When first using the device you will be presented with the installation menu.
- Using the remote Select the county
- Scroll Down to channel search
The unit will now search for available channels.

The tuner is supplied with 2 amplified DVB-T antenna, for optimal reception these should be placed with clear line of sight out the window they should not be placed on windows with heater veins or tints (where possible). Ideally situated at each corner of the front windscreen.

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