Mercedes-Benz W211/W164/W220 Fiber Optic System

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Mercedes-Benz W211/W164/W220 Fiber Optic System

Postby xtrons » Tue Jan 10, 2017 7:04 am

Most Mercedes-Benz vehicles use a fiber optic system that, like a loop, ties many of the vehicles components together. The features of your vehicle determine which components are involved with the fiber optics. To install an after-market radio such as an XTRONS Custom Fit Series, and retain the sound from your speakers, you may need to make certain alterations. The fiber optic cable looks like two orange wires and, as mentioned earlier, is responsible for connecting each piece of equipment together in the loop. Never cut, bend or crimp the fiber optic cable.

In order to help you retain the sound of your new after-market head unit, we have been investigating to find the corresponding fiber optic decoders to match our Mercedes-Benz head units.

In the below table you will see the information on whether a decoder is required. Great care has been taken to provide accurate information. Please be advised that due to year breaks there may be expectations to the below table and a professional car audio installer will be able to find the right solution for your requirements.

XTRONS Fiber Optic Decoder Model NumberXTRONS Mercedes-Benz Custom Fit Car DVD Players Model NumberMercedes-Benz Car Models & Years
FOB01PF75M220AS-W220 / S280 / S320 / S350 / S400 / S430 / S500 (2004 -2005)
FOB01PF75M220APS-W220 / S280 / S320 / S350 / S400 / S430 / S500 (2004 -2005)
FOB01PF75M211ACLS-350 / CLS-500 / CLS-55 (2005 -2006), E-W211 (2003 -2008)
FOB01PF75M211APCLS-350 / CLS-500 / CLS-55 (2005 -2006), E-W211 (2003 -2008)
FOB01PG75M211ACLS-350 / CLS-500 / CLS-55 (2005 -2006), E-W211 (2003 -2008)
FOB01PF7M211SCLS-350 / CLS-500 / CLS-55 (2005 -2006), E-W211 (2003 -2008)
FOB01PF72M211GTCLS-350 / CLS-500 / CLS-55 (2005 -2006), E-W211 (2003 -2008)
FOB02PF75M164AML–W164 / W300 / ML350 / ML450 / ML500 (2005 -2011), GL-X164 / GL450 / GL500 (2005 -2011)
FOB02PF75M164APML–W164 / W300 / ML350 / ML450 / ML500 (2005 -2011), GL-X164 / GL450 / GL500 (2005 -2011)
FOB02PF72M164GTML–W164 / W300 / ML350 / ML450 / ML500 (2005 -2011), GL-X164 / GL450 / GL500 (2005 -2011)

If you have ordered the above XTRONS Mercedes-Benz Custom Fit head units and your vehicle is not listed, you do not need to order the XTRONS FOB01 or FOB02.

For further questions, please leave message on the forum or send an email to XTRONS support via

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