XTRONS Head Units Steering Wheel Control Setup

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XTRONS Head Units Steering Wheel Control Setup

Postby xtrons » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:50 am

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of steering wheel control (SWC) in the cars. One is the analog steering wheel control; the other is digital steering wheel control with CANbus ready. Before you set up the steering wheel control function on XTRONS head units, you need to ask for a professional for advice of your cars steering wheel control.

For vehicles with analog steering wheel control, please check Section A for setup advises.
For vehicles with digital steering wheel control with CANbus ready, please check Section B for setup advises.

Sections A: For XTRONS head units that support vehicles with analogue steering control:
- With the help of a multi-meter locate the + and - SWC cables from your vehicle.
- Connect the + and - Key wires on the supplied SWC cable (all vehicles are different some have only 1 live others have 2).

If your vehicle has digital steering control you will require an ISO harness with steering interface and patch lead. We recommend using the connects2 adapters with model number CTCHINAHULEAD. The patch lead should then be connected as above.
Once this has been completed the steering wheel functions can be programmed with the head unit. This procedure varies depending on the user interface of the head unit. However, as a general guide please follows the steps below:
Enter the settings menu of the stereo and select WHEEL, this will access the SWC set up interface, here is a quick guide to programming:
1. Press the TEST button; wait for the unit to present readout.
2. Press Cancel, to clear the unit memory (not required by all units).

Now you can begin the programming of the specific functions:
1. Select VOL- on the stereo.
2. Press the same function button on the steering wheel; wait for the display reading to give a steady read out.
3. Repeat this process until all relevant functions are programmed.
4. Once all functions have been set press the COMPLETE button (not required by all units).
5. Exit the SWC interface and go to the Home screen.
6. Press VOL+ to check if programming was successful.

Section B: For XTRONS head units that are CANbus ready:
If your vehicle uses a CANbus, and you have purchased a compatible XTRONS vehicle specific head unit, then you don’t need do any setup or programming, just connect the supplied CANbus to the head unit. The CANbus will decode your car steering wheel buttons.
Features of CANbus box for SWC:
1) Conversion of digital CANbus signals into analogue signals.
2) ACC, speed, lights, reverse gear.
3) Adaptation of vehicle-specific radio ports to female ISO-connectors (for some vehicles only a universal harness with open ends available).
4) Support / Starting of factory sound systems (not at all vehicles).

It is possible to implement aftermarket steering wheel audio controls with our XTRONS units, it isn't just a given that any XTRONS unit you buy will work with your steering wheel controls, some vehicles require adapters.

How do I find the right CANbus TO WORK WITH SWC INTERFACE / ADAPTER?
We are not technically trained with all the various steering wheel control interfaces on different vehicles. Connects2 and other after-market accessories retailers developed universal CANbus boxes which can be programmed to work with digital SWC and other functions. However, we have very limited knowledge on this and you should contact your local professional car audio installer for help choosing the right adapter to work with your car and your new car stereo. They can also answer any questions you have about the installation and give you some ideas about the work involved. Please do ask to see proof or references that they do actually have the knowledge and experience to complete such a task.

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