Bluetooth Phone Calls Poor Sound Quality

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Bluetooth Phone Calls Poor Sound Quality

Postby xtrons » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:45 am

If you have poor sound quality whilst making Bluetooth calls, please try the following ways to resolve the problem:

1. Your Bluetooth device may be out of range. Try moving your phone closer to the head unit.
2. Move your cell phone away from any device that generates electromagnetic interference, such as another Bluetooth enabled device, cordless phone, or wireless router.
3. Reduce the number of applications running on your cell phone. Running multiple applications can reduce the amount of internal resources available to transmit audio. Closing non-essential applications may improve audio quality.
4. Try turning off Wi-Fi on our head unit to improve audio quality.
5. Try un-pairing/clearing your cell phone with the XTRONS head unit by disabling Bluetooth on your cell phone. Now pair the Bluetooth again.
6. If your head unit does support an external microphone you can try this to filter out background noise. These can be purchased from XTRONS.

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