How to Improve Radio Reception on XTRONS PS/PST/PSD series

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How to Improve Radio Reception on XTRONS PS/PST/PSD series

Postby xtrons » Fri Dec 20, 2019 6:51 pm

How to Improve Radio Reception on XTRONS PS/PST/PSD series
Troubleshooting the Car antenna:
For some vehicles, they are equipped with antenna signal boosters or antenna amplifier which amplifies the signal in the first place. Radio signal has to be picked up by the antenna booster or amplifier and then transmitted to the head unit via an antenna cable.
Firstly, make sure it’s the same type of antenna that was previously on your car. Cars can have different antennas. Secondly, check the connection, the antenna wire from the vehicle will need to be connected to remote antenna wire or the 12V ignition ACC+ wire of XTRONS unit.
Switching on the amplifier in sound settings:
There is an antenna wire from XTRONS unit as remote wire for amp. In the same way, if the amp is in protect/off mode, the antenna wire will not be supplied with 12V to get better radio signal.
Make sure the AMP option is on in the "balance" setting, so it will output a positive 12V to the antenna power wire.
Please follow these steps to change the settings:
Step 1: Find the sound settings in factory/extra settings: settings -- Car infotainment – sound
Note: Settings steps might vary on different units. Please contact XTRONS support for details if you have any doubt.
sound settings.png
sound settings.png (19.89 KiB) Viewed 16674 times

Step 2: Turn on the BALANCE setting mode as shown below:
For PSD/PST series WITH built-in DSP:
DSP.png (183.63 KiB) Viewed 16674 times

For PS series WITHOUT built-in DSP:

non dsp.png
non dsp.png (96.1 KiB) Viewed 16674 times

Step 3: Turn on the “EX Amp” option as shown below:

amp dsp.png
amp dsp.png (53 KiB) Viewed 16674 times

Or: ( for PS units without built-in DSP)
amp non-dsp.png
amp non-dsp.png (222.45 KiB) Viewed 16674 times

Final tips:
Remember that the problem can be related to three main things. The antenna, the radio, and your location. Antenna and location are most important factors of radio reception. If you continue to have bad reception despite effort, check to see if the radio itself is faulty and contact XTRONS support for return or further assistance.

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