How to keep the memory of time / radio station set

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How to keep the memory of time / radio station set

Postby xtrons » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:37 am

If you have purchased an ISO adapter or your vehicle has a standard ISO power cable, but after you connect the ISO cable, the head unit cannot keep the time / radio settings, you should check whether the wires have been connected correctly.
Yellow Wire: Connect with your car battery to get 12V permanent power supply.
Red Wire: Connect with your car ignition (ACC) wire.
Black Wire: Connect to the Ground.
Most commonly, the problem can be resolved by “Reversing the Lives" you just need to exchange the red and yellow wire in the ISO wiring harness. Each pin has a small tab that can be depressed with a small flat screwdriver allowing you to remove the pin from the ISO connection. After it being removed, press the tab out so it will lock back into the place when inserting it in again. If you cannot get the wires out, you can simply cut the wires and exchange them to make the new connection.
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In some of the vehicles with CANbus system, there is no ignition live, so a different work around is needed.
Firstly, you need to use a multimeter to check whether there is a permanent 12V feed from the YELLOW wire.
Then you need to source an ACC feed for the RED wire. If your cigarette socket is only live when the ignition is on, you can take the feed from here.
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