How to use 3GDONG008 on XTRONS Android 5.1 Units

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How to use 3GDONG008 on XTRONS Android 5.1 Units

Postby xtrons » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:34 am

1. Insert SIM card, WiFi hotspot name: UFI_XXX WIFI password: 8888888888
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2. Plug the 3GDONG008 to XTRONS Android car DVD player.
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3. Find WIFI option on the unit, select "UFI_XXX", input the password 8888888888
3.png (20.64 KiB) Viewed 7103 times

4. The internet will work after the connection is completed

Important Information: Please keep in mind that the following XTRONS head units support external 3G function, and XTRONS 3GDONG008 is the dongle you require to get access to the Internet via XTRONS Android car stereos: PF6BHGTA, PF7BRVTA, TD702AB, PF7BOLOA-B, PF7BOLOA-G, PF7BOLOA-S, TD626AB, TD626ABD, PF9BMTVA, PF8BMTVA, TD695AB, PF75FSFA-S, PF75FSFA-B, PF7546BA, PF7553BA, PF7590BA, PF75AA3A, PF75AA4A, PF75ATTA, PF75AA3AR, PF75AA4AR, PF75ATTAR, PF75JCCA, PF75FFFA, PF85MTVA, PF75M203A, PF75M211A, PF75M245A, PF75M164A, PF75QSFA-B, PF75QSFA-S, TD699A, PF75HGTA, PF75MTWA, TD101AS, TD696AS, TD696ADS, PF65HGTA, PF75M220A, PF7539BA, PF75OLOA-B, PF75OLOA-G, PF75OLOA-S, TD618AS, D766A, D714A, TD719A, PC71OLOA-S, PC71OLOA-B, PC71OLOA-G, PC71MTVA, PC81MTVA, TL701A, TD629A, PC70MTVA, PC61HGTA, PF75FSFAP-B, PF75FSFAP-S, PF75QSFAP-S, PF75QSFAP-B, PF7546BAP, PF7553BAP, PF7590BAP, PF75AA3AP, PF75AA4AP, PF75ATTAP, PF75AA3ARP, PF75AA4ARP, PF75ATTARP, PF75JCCAP, PF75FFFAP, PF7539BAP, PF75HGTAP, PF75MTWAP, PF85MTVAP, PF75M203AP, PF75M211AP, PF75M245AP, PF75M164AP, PF9LMTVAP, PF75M209AP, PF75M220AP, PF75TRVAP, TL702AP, PF7581BAP, TD730A, TL702AP, TL109A, PG75AA4A, PG75AA3A,PG75ATTA, PG7546BA, PG7590BA, PG7553BA, PG75M211A, PG75M203A, PG75M245A, PL91MTVAP and more.

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