How to Customize a Logo for Xtrons Head Unit

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How to Customize a Logo for Xtrons Head Unit

Postby xtrons » Sun Mar 12, 2023 11:57 am

How to Customize a Logo for Xtrons Head Unit
Boot logo is optional and is not enabled by default in XTRONS unit, but it allows you to customize the logo displayed during the boot. Here are the steps to customize the logo.
Prepare the custom logo image you want to use on your computer, and then use
the imaging software to convert the image to in JPG or PNG and modify the image
size to the same as screen resolution (the resolution of the screen can be
found from the device specifications or confirm with XTRONS customer service).
Save the logo images to the root directory of the USB thumb drive and insert
the USB thumb drive to the XTRONS.
(NOTE: The XTRONNS radio is compatible with SD cards and USB drives that are formatted in the FAT32 file system. It is important to make sure that any SD card or USB drive you use with the XTRONNS radio is formatted in this way in order to ensure proper functionality and avoid any issues)
Access the logo setting menu on XTRONS.
The setting path varies on different XTRONS units. Usually, it is in extra
setting menu where it requires a code.

For IQ/PQS Series:

For IX series:

For QP & QX Series:

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