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PB76M211AP firmware update?

Posted: Mon Jun 11, 2018 9:04 am
by jogi230te
Hi all,
last week i have a Problem with my PB76M211AP. I got the Information about the playstore, that there are new updates avalible .
So, i update some APPs eg.: Google and After this, my Xtrons boot new and after this the unit is going into a Screen which will optimized my apps. After this Screen, the unit starts with the boot again and the Screen with the optimation Modus was showing again and again and again.
My solution was to renew the Firmware:
An update usually consist of two files:
The Android ROM ( and it is usually compatible with any head unit of the same model (MTCD) and CPU (PX5).
The MCU (dmcu.img) is specific for each manufacturer!

Please send me the latest best functional two file to me