Illumination Function Connection

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Illumination Function Connection

Postby xtrons » Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:57 am

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Any inquires, please leave a message on XTRONS Forum or contact for further advise, thanks.

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Re: Illumination Function Connection

Postby Clunt » Sat Jul 21, 2018 9:39 am

My screen has no backlight at all. Te103ap.

When I plug it into my friends te103ap it is fine, so my headunit is faulty?

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Re: Illumination Function Connection

Postby EthanHUnt » Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:08 am

The correct Term for what Xtrons are showing you is how to setup a relay (common relay module) but
they have not advised you that THIS MAY NOT BE REQUIRED if you have a vehicle with a canbus electrical system, what you should have been informed of is the requirement for a Canbus Harness or patch lead which converts canbus signals to your universal ISO socket, a Canbus harness will supply a ignition live where none are required by the vehicle factory stereo head units and converts a canbus signal to the ISO of your new HU which controls the illumination signal too!

I was going to follow this method shown by XTRONS as my dash illumination live outputs are 12v canbus not direct and attempting a simple blue wire in to a dash bulb (like the old days) would have caused screen flickering, a FACRA (for example) to ISO canbus harness provides the lack of an ignition live (or permanent 12v live feed) and the illumination signal (I did not even need to use the Blue wire at all as the signal is sent to the HU via the ISO lead by the canbus system alone) Meaning headlights or side lights off provides maximum screen brightness with no side panel or key illuminations and when headlights are switched on (side lights) the screen dims and the side panel keys light up (XTRONS call the keys and the color "element" as per settings).

I hope this helps you all out, let me know if you agree too, to find a canbus patch or harness lead you need to know your vehicle manufacturer (EG:Toyota) the year of the model and the socket type which connected to the factory stereo, then search your model specifics to- ISO quoting canbus in your search term (Example: Alfa Romeo Mito 2010 Facra to ISO canbus harness lead), expect these patch leads to cost around £30+GBP dependant on the seller or store, the lead is not made for or by xtrons these leads are an installation component and nothing to do with which model or manufacturer (make) Head unit you purchase.

Good luck.

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