Roof Mounted DVD Player Connection

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Roof Mounted DVD Player Connection

Postby xtrons » Mon Jan 16, 2017 8:48 am

Xtrons Roof Mounted Multimedia Systems can be fitted to most vehicles. Available in 9",10.1",10.4", and 15" with a choice of Black, Grey or Beige.

Basic Fitting
We do not provide a comprehensive fitting guide as what is required will vary from vehicle to vehicle, as these units are designed to be a discreet upgrade all connections run under the unit and through the vehicle headlining. How the unit is secured to the roof will depend on 2 things, how much the unit weighs and how strong is the roof lining of the vehicle. As always if in any doubt seek professional advice.

- Units under 2.5kg (if the lining is strong enough) can be secured by placing a piece of 6mm ply cut to roughly the same dimensions of the mounting plate (allowing room for cables), simply place this under the headlining and bolt through the mounting plate and lining.

- Units over 2.5kg or vehicle with thin headlining will require the bracket to be secured to one of the roof braces, there are different ways of doing this (youtube can be very helpful) find what works best for you.

Power Connection
Most Roof Monitors require a twin live set up like your vehicle stereo 12V permanent and 12V switched (ACC) all cables are provided however these may need to be extended to a suitable live source. We do not recommend connecting to the vehicle courtesy light as in some vehicles this is part of the Alarm/immobiliser circuit.

- using a multimeter find a 12V Permanent feed and attach the Yellow wire
- find a 12V ACC feed and attach the Red wire (live with the ignition on)
- Locate a good earth and connect the BLACK wire
- In units that do not require a twin live the Red wire should always be connected to an ACC feed as a permanent feed may cause a drain to the vehicle battery

With built in DVD, SD and USB drive the possibilities are endless, an AV in/out function allows them to be connected to external devices (all cables provided) such as DVB-T free view boxes or with the correct power adapters some modern games consoles.

Connection For AV mode
- Locate the AV input RCA connections on the monitor
- Connect the Correct colour AV in to the AV out of your device
Yellow - Video
Red - Right Audio
White - Left Audio
- Once connected please select AV function on the remote.

Built in FM and IR transmitter allow you to playback audio through your car stereo or IR headphones

For FM locate the FMTX button on your remote or in the system settings and select a frequency then tune your vehicle stereo into the same channel

For IR locate the IRTX button on your remote or in your system settings and select channel A or B, select the same channel on your head phones

Courtesy Lights
Units equipped with a courtesy light function can be wired into the vehicle courtesy light allowing the LED lights to illuminate when the Vehicle Door is opened, there are 2 types of circuit so this function is not compatible with all vehicles

Double Positive - Both poles of the vehicle light are positive until the door is opened when one pole becomes negative.
Double negative - Both poles are negative until the door is opened when one becomes positive.

All roof monitor with a courtesy function can be connected to a Double Negative circuit simple connect the DOOR wire to the pole which becomes positive when the door is opened.

The CR103HD has connections for both types of circuit simple find out which lighting circuit you have and connect the appropriate DOOR wire for your circuit type.

Any inquires, please leave a message on XTRONS Forum or contact for further advice, thanks.

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Re: Roof Mounted DVD Player Connection

Postby Klarey321 » Thu Feb 01, 2018 11:27 am

hi, if your car isn't compatible with the door switch wiring is there a way to manually turn the courtesy lights on and off?

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Re: Roof Mounted DVD Player Connection

Postby xtrons » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:01 pm

Yes, we can turn on and off the light manually if you don't connect the blue wire.

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