Kudos Maps Set Up on XTRONS Win CE System Units

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Kudos Maps Set Up on XTRONS Win CE System Units

Postby xtrons » Thu Jan 12, 2017 8:26 am

Once the unit has been connected and installed, you will be required to set the file path for the GPS software so that the program and map files can be located.
How this is achieved will depend on your interface, the guides provided below can walk you through the setup.
1. Insert the TF card into the GPS card slot.
2. Select GPS mode.
3. Clear the message "can't find Navigation" by pressing the screen.
4. Click Set up or Settings, then choose Navi Path.
5. Press the Home symbol in the top left corner.
6. Now select the Navigation Icon, the GPS software will begin to load.
(The path is: Kudos Maps/Kudos Map.EXE)
Kudos1.png (1 MiB) Viewed 14725 times

How to Fix the Problem with Getting GPS Signal on Your Navigation Unit
a) How long does it take before your unit work out your location?
Before you start driving, your navigation device needs a few moments to connect to the GPS satellites and calculate your location.
If the GPS signal is weak or your device is only able to see three satellites or fewer, the location icon is shown in gray, the Driving View is shown in gray, and the unit will be waiting for a valid GPS signal. Keep in mind that even if your device is working correctly, it may take a couple of minutes for it to work out your location when you switch it on.

b) Check if you are using your unit in the best way possible:
It must be used outdoors, in an open area without tall buildings or trees too close to where you are.
It must have a clear view of the sky.
It must find a minimum of four satellites.

c) Heat reflection windscreens
Some heat-reflecting windscreens and built-in windscreen heaters can block GPS signal reception inside the car. To check if your car's windscreen blocks the GPS signal, hold the GPS antenna outside your car until it has found your location. If your unit is unable to find your location when it is inside your car but does find your location when outside of it, your car may have heat reflective windscreen.

d) Restore the factory settings on your unit
NOTE: This removes all personal settings, including your Favorites.

e) Check the satellite reception
If your unit still can’t find a GPS-signal after these steps above, you can check on the unit itself if it’s searching for a signal.
The following instructions will lead you to the GPS status screen (kindly note that the screen might be a little different depends on different device model)
1. Tap the top right corner of the screen while in the Driving View.
Kudos2.png (1.01 MiB) Viewed 14725 times

2. Check if the data on the GPS Status can be captured on the screen.
Kudos3.png (810.15 KiB) Viewed 14725 times

Send this screen to the customer support team to confirm further assistance.

If you have any other questions, please leave messages here or contact with XTRONS support via techsupport@xtrons.com for advices.

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Re: Kudos Maps Set Up on XTRONS Win CE System Units

Postby Angeldonovan7 » Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:57 pm

when performing the installation of the sd with the maps on the pf73mtv stereo. and then I give Navi the error of not being able to load the map files. I would like you to help me solve this situation.

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Re: Kudos Maps Set Up on XTRONS Win CE System Units

Postby xtrons » Thu Feb 08, 2018 2:44 pm

Is there any error message coming up on the screen when you are trying to use the GPS?
If yes, could you please provide a picture to show the error message? we will see if the problem is with the GPS card or the unit.

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Re: Kudos Maps Set Up on XTRONS Win CE System Units

Postby Jamin » Thu May 31, 2018 6:50 pm

Just wondering if anyone can help for some strange reason my headunit gps just stopped working I have made sure the igo gps software is on the mmc which I have put in then switched on the unit I have then gone into settings and gps path but have been unable to locate the file and won't show any other option apart from the attached picture which every time I press this text box shows up,
Any ideas would be very much appreciated
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