XTRONS OBD02 Connection Instruction Guide

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XTRONS OBD02 Connection Instruction Guide

Postby xtrons » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:28 am

1. Plug the OBD dongle to your vehicle's OBD port, turn the key on, and start the engine.
Note: The engine must be turned on to ensure the OBD dongle will be connected quickly.

2. The OBD connector port looks like the picture shown below; its location varies in different make and model of the vehicle and the engine type, usually in 4 regions:
XTRONS_OBD02.png (287.93 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

Four Regions:
OBD.png (63.26 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

3. Search the OBDII in Bluetooth mode of the head unit and connect it. Remember the Bluetooth ID as shown below:
XTRONS_Android_car_DVD_players.png (257.73 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

4. Select the OBD app( Torque) and do the settings as shown below:
XTRONS_Car_stereos.jpg (81.6 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

5. Select “OBD2 Adapter Settings" in Torque settings
XTRONS_Double_din_stereos.jpg (67.35 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

6. Select "Bluetooth" as the way to connect the OBD, then select the correct Bluetooth ID when "Choose Bluetooth Device", the Bluetooth ID is the ID in shown in previous step.
Note: the Bluetooth device must be selected in first connection. It will be connected automatically in 30 seconds in the next connection without setting again.
XTRONS_OBD02_Bluetooth.jpg (68.7 KiB) Viewed 6275 times
XTRONS_OBD02_Bluetooth_Interface.jpg (87.52 KiB) Viewed 6275 times
XTRONS_Double_din_car_DVD_players.png (238.94 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

7. Return to the OBD mode on the head unit, it might take 30 seconds for OBDII connecting successfully.
XTRONS_car_monitors.png (334.56 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

8. You'll get an option to check for trouble codes, as well as a couple of other menu choices on the screen.
XTRONS_two_din_Android_unit1.png (530.81 KiB) Viewed 6275 times
XTRONS_2_din_car_DVD2.png (570.2 KiB) Viewed 6275 times

Important Information: Please keep in mind that the following XTRONS head units are compatible with the OBD02: PF6BHGTA, PF7BRVTA, TD702AB, PF7BOLOA-B, PF7BOLOA-G, PF7BOLOA-S, TD626AB, TD626ABD, PF9BMTVA, PF8BMTVA, TD695AB, PF75FSFA-S, PF75FSFA-B, PF7546BA, PF7553BA, PF7590BA, PF75AA3A, PF75AA4A, PF75ATTA, PF75AA3AR, PF75AA4AR, PF75ATTAR, PF75JCCA, PF75FFFA, PF85MTVA, PF75M203A, PF75M211A, PF75M245A, PF75M164A, PF75QSFA-B, PF75QSFA-S, TD699A, PF75HGTA, PF75MTWA, TD101AS, TD696AS, TD696ADS, PF65HGTA, PF75M220A, PF7539BA, PF75OLOA-B, PF75OLOA-G, PF75OLOA-S, TD618AS, D766A, D714A, TD719A, PC71OLOA-S, PC71OLOA-B, PC71OLOA-G, PC71MTVA, PC81MTVA, TL701A, TD629A, PC70MTVA, PC61HGTA, PF75FSFAP-B, PF75FSFAP-S, PF75QSFAP-S, PF75QSFAP-B, PF7546BAP, PF7553BAP, PF7590BAP, PF75AA3AP, PF75AA4AP, PF75ATTAP, PF75AA3ARP, PF75AA4ARP, PF75ATTARP, PF75JCCAP, PF75FFFAP, PF7539BAP, PF75HGTAP, PF75MTWAP, PF85MTVAP, PF75M203AP, PF75M211AP, PF75M245AP, PF75M164AP, PF9LMTVAP, PF75M209AP, PF75M220AP, PF75TRVAP, TL702AP, PF7581BAP, TD730A, TL702AP, TL109A, PG75AA4A, PG75AA3A,PG75ATTA, PG7546BA, PG7590BA, PG7553BA, PG75M211A, PG75M203A, PG75M245A, PL91MTVAP and more.

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Re: XTRONS OBD02 Connection Instruction Guide

Postby EthanHUnt » Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:39 am

Is the TA707PL Compatible with OBDII? The HU has the torque app installed (pre install) and it was shown under the product
description before I purchased the HU, I have an XTRONS OBDII module for the socket, it has a two led connection lights and a blue push button to turn on and off once connected to the socket, The OBDII module connects to my TA707PL and runs in Torque until you try to disconnect, the device connects to the HU by Bluetooth and when you attempt to switch bluetooth off or turn off the module or ignition the HU locks up, a Bluetooth error is displayed and torque closes in connection mode, the bluetooth function is then locked to on and can not be controlled or switched off in the HU, the icon for bluetooth remain on and the error tells me to factory reset the HU to restore the function, I loose all my configuration and layout scheme when factory reset is required each time, this is not user friendly and I do not know why it keeps happening. My model is not shown on your list here (and more....) so can you confirm the compatibility and how to switch off (the correct disconnect method) for OBDII and torque and is there a difference with compatibility from your older OBDII Module (black with led's -is bluetooth and has a blue push connect button TO the all black plastic module you sell now)?

Again, compatibility issues not explained well or at all (""and more"" is not helpful to users).

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